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Bali, our big love

Bali Vibez at heart is the symbol of our innermost wanderlust. With a desire to expand our horizons in a foreign land, Bali truly immerses you with breathtaking landscapes while casting its spell with an omnipresent spirituality. To express our love for the Bali way of life, Bali Vibez embodies the liberating feeling, the Vibez, of individuality in all its colors. Through our product collections, we want to share with you our desire to experience freedom, integrity, self-determination.

Never forget:

Today is a great day to be alive!

Ata Bags - The Original

We want to share a true piece of Bali with you. That's why we ensure that our Ata Bags are produced by traditional manufacturing techniques and using only native materials. For example, our Ata Bags are woven with genuine Ata Grass which grows in the forests on Bali's eastern region. It's humidity-resistant and extremely robust, but highly elaborate in its craftsmanship. Beginning the production process, the grass is split lengthways into four pieces. By using fine Ata threads, patterns emerge more expressive and show incredible details compared to similar weaves made from Rattan.

About the inlays

For the inlays, we use high-quality cotton, which shows traditional Indonesian batik prints. Not a single bag is exactly alike – you can be sure, you'll receive a truly unique piece representing original Balinese craftsmanship.

Who's producing it?

Balinese women skillfully hand-craft our exquisite bags at their homes around the traditional town of Ubud, famous for its arts and crafts throughout Indonesia. Their unique skills and special weaving techniques have been passed on through generations. Besides as a main source of income, the home-based craftworkers are able to spend time with their families and take part in religious ceremonies, which to the Hindu-Balinese people, is an important part of everyday life.
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